5 of the Best-of-the-best

5 of the Best-of-the-best

The Red Dot: Best of the Best is awarded for groundbreaking design and is the top prize in the Red Dot Award: Product Design. The best products of the year, including the Bolin Webb silicone Razor Case, receive the highest accolades of a “Red Dot: Best of the Best” title within their respective product categories. Of the 5,500 product entries, only 100 receive the “Best-of-the-Best” award.

We asked founders Derrick Webb and Marina Bolin to give us their 4 favourite Best-of-the-Best 2017 winners, here is what they said…

Revster Electic Guitar

‘I love the combination of the classic modelling with modern materials, quality construction and the use of colour. I also happen to be an amateur guitarist myself, so I was bound to stop here. And it’s on my Christmas list.’ – Derrick

Inspired by the vintage street racing motorbikes of London and Tokyo, every detail of the Yamaha Revster has been carefully designed and engineered to bring out the unique personality of each guitar. From the curves and contours of the ground-up body design to the distinctive colors and finishes that perfectly match the guitar’s character.

Ferrari J50

‘The futuristic design of this car is captivating. Ferrari have managed to take inspiration from role models of the past but have added modern lines that have an impressive balance of strength and elegance. What a sports car! I would love to have one!’ – Marina

Ferrari celebrates 50 years in Japan with the limited edition J50. With a futuristic body, sharp edges and steep curves – each of the 10 cars produced will be tailored to the customers specific needs and something we have in common? The retractable roof has been replaced with a carbonfibre panel, the same material used on the new Bolin Webb X1 Carbon.

Roadlite CF Bike

‘Canyon Bicycles have developed a wonderful range of bicycles with a phenomenal attention to design and aesthetic detail. Canyon were singled out at the Red Dot Awards for especially impressive design teamwork. I am not surprised.’ – Derrick

The Canyon team behind the design of the Roadlite CF also won this years title honour of Design Team of the Year. Modelled on the values of “simple, precise & dynamic”, the bike places the improvement of individual fitness centre stage through a focus on function.

Icon Ski Jacket

‘I love skiing and it is a sport where equipment is a key factor. This jacket brings several unique features; a pocket that directs cool air to the body and another which provides a base for your mobile phone helping to preserve its battery life. The hood has a foldaway hi-vis brim which improves visibility. The brand Helly-Hansen has a personal connection to me as it was started in Moss, Norway where my father comes from and where I return every summer!’ – Marina

This aspirational and inventive jacket that has state of the art technology that keeps you warm when cool, but not overheated during intense activity. The design concept for this jacket is inspired by the masculine style of men’s tailoring mixed with futuristic aesthetics to skilfully visualise the high-tech aspect of the jacket.

Razor Case

We wanted to develop a razor case that was practical, tactile and visually appealing. There was no case on the market that provided a sensible and durable travel solution in a humid environment. We wanted to change that! Derrick & Marina

For the well-groomed man, it’s important to have the right shaving accessories, either at home or away. The razor case is an especially well-conceived and enjoyable solution for the discerning traveller. The case delivers a bold elegance with a tailor-made design that optimally matches Bolin Webb’s razor collections.