Design excellence is the cornerstone of Bolin Webb. We aim to conceive and develop luxury razors and accessories that stand out in terms of appearance, handling and performance. Design excellence takes time, team work and a strong commitment to find the perfect solution.

A Message From Our Founder:

I started with a simple idea: to create the best mens razor that would be a pleasure to use. At the time, ten years ago, shaving tools were for the most part available on the high street in supermarkets and pharmacies. They focused on cheap construction and differing levels of blade performance. Some more traditional and expensive “gentlemen” razors with wood and chrome handles were also available in specialty shops.

Derrick Webb Bolin Webb Founder

No razor was available that was design-led, contemporary and appealing to the user for handling, appearance and performance. I saw the opportunity to create a razor handle that was distinctive and eye-catching – something you would like to see on your bathroom shelf as well as use – not something to hide after your shave. The initial R1 razor was conceived as a razor to enjoy, and this ethos carries across all our range today.

Over the past 10 years we have extended the Bolin Webb brand to all continents, looking to make our products available to those with an eye for design in any country where we can. As a small British brand, we have managed to distribute our razors across the globe – from San Francisco to Shanghai, and from St. Petersburg to Sydney.

Today, we remain a small team rooted at the centre of the UK, with many of our manufacturing partners barely an hour’s drive from the Bolin Webb office. Our path into the future will depend on our ability to bring new ideas to our product range. This is a return to our core competence of design excellence. Time, teamwork and commitment.