Design in action – The Bolin Webb Wash Bag

Reimagining Men’s Wash bags

We wanted to break the mould of the traditional leather and fabric wash bag.  Often their design is constrained to basic forms, achievable through stitching flat patches of material together. And while thees can be coated or lined to be waterproof, they can also be absorbent and hard to clean.

Following the success of our Razor travel case, our design partners WMP again recommended silicone as the best way to differentiate the wash bag and deliver innovative features that stand out from the crowd.

Silicone has an especially tactile feel and is extremely robust. It does not absorb water and can therefore easily be wiped clean, making it truly hygienic. These properties make it the right material for the a bathroom setting, as well as for travel.

Bolin Webb mens washbag

A New Addition to the Bolin Webb Accessories Range.

Naturally, the bag adopted the same automotive inspired crisp lines and flowing curves found in the BW design language.

The bottom face of the bag gave us the opportunity to explore a outstanding organic texture pattern that blended seamlessly into the smooth sides of the bag.

The nautically inspired grab cord incorporates the signature Bolin Webb red accent colour, giving the bag an adventurous and active aesthetic, and a helpful tool to hang your bag when you need the space in your bathroom - often missing when in a hotel room.

Bolin Webb mens washbag bathroom

A Functional Wash bag for the Modern Man

Careful consideration was given to the useability of the wash bag: no more digging around to find what you need. The wash bag opens out fully so that all the contents are visible and easily accessible.

Bolin Webb travel washbag

The bag has a generous 1.8 litre volume, and a removable inside pocket. This gives the user flexibility to use the wash bag as a single cavity or use the pocket as an internal divider to separate and store individual items.

The bag design avoids seams and sharp edges where dirt would usually collect. The exterior shells are joined with waterproof zippers, preventing any unfortunate spill seeping into your suitcase - another practical solution.

Bolin Webb Mens washbag shaving accessories

Refining The Washbag Design

The final wash bag design is the result of a collaborative process engaging both Bolin Webb and WMP. During development, we explored different conceptual directions and prototyped many iterations of the bag.

Washbag design process

One area that drew particular focus was the dynamic texture bringing interest to the underside of the wash bag. We wanted the bag to have a distinctive feel while maintaining maximal functionality. The textured finish provided exactly that. The indents reduce the contact area between the bag and a wet bathroom surfaces, and provide a natural grip when holding the bag.

Bolin Webb mens washbag grip

The bag is a hit with customers internationally. Special thanks go to the design team at WMP for their creativity and perseverance working on this latest innovation at Bolin Webb.

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