A Photoshoot With Prestige

A Photoshoot With Prestige

When browsing in-store, it’s easy to see the difference and to feel the quality of a Bolin Webb razor. But shopping online is more challenging. So, it’s important to use images that can show how appealing and distinctive a razor can be through pictures alone. We interviewed our photographer, Alex Bibby about his time working with Bolin Webb and the distinctive Prestige Collection.

How did you come up with the theme for the shoot?

My initial thought was to keep things simple. Little distractions with a just a little contrasting background and plinth to elevate the razor and stand. The razors speak for themselves, so there’s little need to complicate a shoot like this, it requires little more than the right lighting and composition to show the consumer how great it looks from every angle.

What were the difficulties when capturing the collection?

The Prestige Collection offers quite a contrast to the other Bolin Webb products and it will probably come as little surprise to know, the challenge shooting these was the bright gold and chrome finish. Being so reflective – getting the lighting right was imperative. But they looked so great was once this was achieved, from whichever angle the camera pointed.

What do you like most about Bolin Webb Razors?

Releasing a product that stands out from the rest of the market, as Bolin Webb has done, is such a brave move. It is an incredible way to put your stamp on the market. A flagship range like the Prestige tells everyone what a premium service and level of standard to expect, regardless of which razor you choose in the Bolin Webb range.

Which is your favourite Bolin Webb product and why?

It’s got to be the Carbon X1 (pictured below). I think any petrol-head like myself would know what Carbon has done from an F1 perspective, Supercars, Aerospace, working its way down to the incredibly engineered road bikes out there now.