AskMen Grooming Awards

AskMen Grooming Awards

AskMen ( are conducting their first ever ‘Grooming Awards’. And they are putting their readers, viewers and followers in the judges’ chair!

All entries featured in the awards have been screened to ensure that all nominations are “appearance-enhancing, confidence-boosting and bathroom-essential”.

Bolin Webb’s R1 Jet razor has been nominated as a contender in the ‘Best Razor’ category.

The original R1 Jet – the signature black of the Bolin Webb brand. Razors with curve, balance and movement. Distinctive, ergonomic and hygienic, the R1 razor is truly like no other. The R1 Jet is made in England and is fitted with Gillette’s Mach3 blade.

So vote for the Bolin Webb R1 Jet Razor here:

Enjoy the Shave.