Bolin Webb Decorates Shenzhen Bay Metro Station

Striking new artwork in the Shenzhen Bay metro station this week shows Bolin Webb razors aligned with the iconic oil painter Vincent Van Gogh.  Drivepro, China's leading design and lifestyle retailer, has created this tribute to the 19C Dutch master alongside a selection of Bolin Webb razors.
Van Gogh is one of the most recognisable bearded figures of all time, and here we can imagine what he could look like after a shave with one of Bolin Webb's luxury razors. Few have seen him clean shaven before.
Van Gogh is known for the richness and variety of colours in his work. Bolin Webb are inspired by bold and creative use of colour and we extend this through our wide range of design-led razors.  With Bolin Webb, you can enjoy your shave by bringing colour into your morning routine.