Brand New Flash Collection

Brand New Flash Collection

Introducing, for a limited time only, the R1 Metallic collection from Bolin Webb. Designed for those who look to stand out from the crowd, each metallic colour in the collection has its own unique story and is painted to supercar standards in Great Britain. As with the entire R1 Luxury Razor range, the R1 Metallic comes equipped with a Gillette Mach3 Blade and is presented in an attractive gift box.

Red Metallic

The most challenging finish. It includes multiple paint layers on a pearl base. This razor shows the depth and lustre of premium metallic finishes only seen on the most sophisticated supercars of today.

Blue Metallic

A cobalt blue that is both elegant and full of vitality. In contrast to other razor handles, this is the one colour chosen from the world of superbikes rather than cars.

Green Metallic

The first Bolin Webb razor in green. Long sought after as a colour to join the Bolin Webb palette, but only now found, this green is taken from the modern livery of competitive colours. It’s a classic – but a modern one.

Orange Metallic

Inspired by British high performance sports cars. A black base primer beneath the top lacquer gives this handle a very different tone to oranges of before.

UltraViolet Metallic

This is possibly the most eye-catching razor available from Bolin Webb today. A striking statement about colour, celebrated especially in 2018. Ultraviolet is a unique addition to any collection.

Available to buy on, the five new bold limited edition razors all share a unique metallic finish and will only be available for sale in 2018.

As with the entire R1 Luxury Razors range, all razor handles are fitted with a performance Gillette Mach3 blade and are presented in an attractive gift box.

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