Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

Luxury Grooming Gift Guide

It’s true, men aren’t always the the easiest to buy for (although they may beg to differ). What do you buy for the man that buys it all himself? Whether for a Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, Wedding Gift, Fathers Day or anything in between; hopefully our luxury grooming gift guide will help to make life a little easier and help your man look and feel his very best.

For The Design Conscious

Bolin Webb Razor – From £55
Where else could we start? Designed and built in England; Bolin Webb’s range of contemporary designer razors provide both form and function. The sleek lines and striking colours combine to form a piece of contemporary design that both takes pride of place in your bathroom and is a joy to use.

Automotive fans amongst us will also be pleased to know that the durable automotive paint finish that is synonymous with all Bolin Webb razors is applied by the very same team in England that finish a number of components for top supercar brands.

Both the R1 and X1 ranges utilise Gillette blades for a close and comfortable shave; replacement blades are readily available from a wide number of retailers and have been praised for their superior performance (See our upcoming blade guide for more information).

All Bolin Webb razors come in their own signature gift box.

Find out about the R1 Mach3 Razor or X1 Fusion5 Razor ranges.

When Only The Best Will Do

The Award-Winning Razor Travel Case – £25
The perfect partner for a Bolin Webb razor; the Red Dot award-winning Silicone Razor Case helps to protect your razor and wash bag from damage.

The innovative use of silicone not only helped it to win the Red Dot ‘Best of the Best’ award in 2017 but is also more durable than traditional leather cases, its sleek finish is easy to clean and its smooth yet grippy finish makes it both tactile and practical.

For The Smooth Operator

Post-Shave Face Balm – £20
No matter how good your razor is, it’s important to re-hydrate your skin after every shave. The Bolin Webb Post-Shave Face Balm contains organic cactus extracts and anti-oxidant-rich hops to help to calm, restore and protect the skin, while essential oils and shea butter smooth and moisturise. This specially formulated balm is a staff favourite – helping to prevent unsightly and uncomfortable razor burn.

For The Extra Special Man

Razor Gift Set – From £75
Looking to up your gifting game? The X1 and R1 razor ranges are also available as Razor & Case, Razor & Stand or Razor, Case & Stand gift combinations. Presented in a signature Bolin Webb gift box, the gift sets contain all the tools he’ll need for a performance shave.

For The Distinctively Different

The R1 Matte – £100
Exclusive to the R1 range comes another office favourite, the R1 Matte. Elite. Moody. Distinctive. A modern black that is a recent addition to today’s automotive palette with a stealth finish that attracts attention.

The R1 Matte comes with a matching Matte Black razor stand and, as with the others in the R1 range, comes equipped with a Gillette Mach3 blade and presented in a signature gift box.

For The Discerning Gentleman

The Prestige Razor Collection – From £200
For the discerning gentleman and extra special man in your life. The Prestige Collection from Bolin Webb takes the the award-winning design of the R1 and X1 Razors and introduces premium materials including Chrome, 24ct Gold and Carbon Fibre.

All prestige razors come with matching razor display stands; these are not the kind of razors you’d want to hide away in a medicine cabinet.