Fashionbeans & Bolin Webb

Did you see what Fashionbeans had to say about Bolin Webb during December? Well fear not, as we have quickly summarised it all for you here:

X1 Collection – Featured in Fashionbeans ’37 Things You Should Ask For This Christmas’ and ‘Men’s 2016 Grooming Gift Guide’

“Bolin Webb’s sleek and sexy X1 Razor & Stand Gift Set is sure to please even the most discerning of aesthetes.”

Not all razors are created equal. British brand Bolin Webb’s X1 combines an ergonomic design with a sleek aesthetic that promises your smoothest, most stylish shave yet.”

R1 24 Carat Gold Razor – Featured in Fashionbeans ‘Worlds Most Stylish Stuff’

“There are two questions by which to judge a razor: Does it obliterate every hair in its path, and does it look good sat on the bathroom shelf? With Bolin Webb’s exclusive 24 carat gold-plated version of its sharper than sharp R1 model, the answer is a resounding yes to both.”

We couldn’t agree more Fashionbeans – Thank you!

Enjoy the Shave