Grooming Sets for Men – Bolin Webb Gift Guide

What makes a great gift for a man? This is a question every man is likely to encounter year-after-year.  As men, we almost all know what it feels like to be asked: “What would you like for Christmas?”  Most of us struggle to come up with a sensible list of options beyond socks and whiskey – or whatever tipple you might prefer.

So the answer can remain elusive.  We might turn to gift guides available on our preferred media websites and blogs for some new ideas.  Sometimes that works, and other times we are still left at a loss. Oftentimes, we return to the same list as before.

At Bolin Webb, we see the perfect gift as something both distinctive and practical.  A successful present fulfils an obvious need, but looks great too.  In our view, a men’s shaving gift set from Bolin Webb does both – we care passionately about performance and the appearance of our shaving tools.

Mens shaving gifts

Choosing a Grooming Kit for Men

Grooming gifts is a category that covers many different choices, going beyond Christmas to birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions of all types.  It doesn’t need to be just a razor.  Consider shaving accessories such as razor stands and cases, a washbag, or indeed the multitude of skincare products available almost everywhere.

Bolin Webb X1 Gift setChoosing the right grooming sets for men needs some planning. Individual shave preferences are important pointers to finding the right gift.  Do they use cartridge razors? If so, what brand and which blade?  If the preference is not clear, we naturally recommend a Gillette razor gift set from Bolin Webb. Choose a Gillette Mach3 blade for men prone to sensitive skin and a Gillette Fusion 5 blade for men looking for the closest shave.

Why a Bolin Webb Razor Set:

The quality of Gillette blades without doubt gives a superior shave. Bolin Webb takes this performance to a new level of design excellence – turning the gift from function into a sleek and eye-catching product he’ll actually want to use. And to make this even better for the occasion, every Bolin Webb shaving set is presented in a premium gift box.

Bolin Webb Gift set box

Explore the options for your own men’s shaving gift set. 

Select the path of R1 or X1:

X1 razor or R1 Mens razor setExplore R1 Razor Sets.         Explore X1 Razor Sets.

Add a razor case, stand, or both:

Full Bolin Webb razor gift set

Finish the order with a washbag, filled with a shave cream and spare razor blades:

Bolin Webb mens washbag