Razors in Russia

Bolin Webb was pleased to connect with an inspiring customer in southern Russia. We interviewed Georgy Davidof in Giorgio, his perfumery boutique in Rostov-on-Don.

Where are you located?

Our stores are situated in the biggest cities of southern Russia – in Krasnodar and Rostov-on-Don. Giorgio stores are situated in shopping malls and our products differ from those presented in mass retail chains. We want to show interesting unusual and unique brands to people – to let them know what else exists on the market.

What do you sell?

We sell so called ‘niche’ brands of perfumery, cosmetics and beauty accessories. Actually, we prefer to call them “authors”, rather than “niches”.

We choose brands for their high quality, and that are new to the region, and for the philosophy and ethics of the brand.

Can you describe your typical customer?

Since our assortment is varied and designed for different target groups, we don’t have a ‘typical’ customer. There are kids and seniors, the wealthy and those who save to spend in Giorgio; there are customers who want to buy only the latest and most fashionable items, and there are those who search for healthy organic products. So, there are different customers, but they all love high quality and good service.

What are your favourite shops (apart from your own)?

I love very much the Baltic stores Crème de la Crème, which are run by my collegue Andrius. I love small boutique Sens Unique in Paris, Campo Marzio 70 in Rome and Scent Bar in Los-Angeles. There are really inspiring mono- brand boutiques, such as Fueguia 1833 or Aesop. There are enough examples of well-designed perfumery stores and I try to present Giorgio boutiques in such way that our customers can also consider them among best in the world.

What initially attracted you to bolin webb

It was impossible to see Bolin Webb and not want to buy its razors: They are very stylish, high quality, modern and, which is the most important, they are used in everyday life. They are bought both by men and women, who are very careful in choosing gifts. Bolin Webb is a type of brand I search for all around the world – brands that are a kind of modern art, but are used in the everyday life of normal people; brands that are very high quality and well thought-out. Bolin Webb is just this. And that’s what customers love and value it for. And of course we do too!

And a little more

Our success is our team. We really love our work and our customers, and we believe that we make life better for them. We try to find out what is the need of the customer, which kind of gift she or he is looking for, and then we help to find best option. And if we see that the customer has doubts, we always advise them to come back tomorrow, because its very important to make a right choice, especially in perfumery. One legendary person once told me that to choose the scent is like to choose a lover, you won’t understand anything unless you spend a night with him or her.

Many thanks to Georgy and best wishes for building a world-class retailer!