The R1 Gold – 24 Carat

The R1 Gold – 24 Carat

Bolin Webb is to release their most luxurious and eye-catching razor to date – the 24 carat gold-plated R1 Gold.  The new luxury razor is currently only available online at The razor will be launched in selected prestige stores worldwide from the New Year, including Harrods of London.

“We are delighted to introduce a very special razor for customers looking for an exclusive shaving experience,” says Marina Bolin, co-founder of Bolin Webb. “They can enjoy the look-and-feel of this iconic razor, and know they will get a smooth and comfortable shave with the Mach3 blade.”

Bolin Webb brings design excellence to the world of men’s grooming with its range of award-winning razors and innovative accessories.  Sleek lines and sure handling make these UK-made razors a distinctive and sought-after gift for men.

Bolin Webb razors were originally inspired by the beautifully smooth lines of classic British cars. An inspiration that remains today – the curvaceous shape, the immaculate finish. They are fitted with Gillette blades to give a close performance shave.

This year, the Bolin Webb X1 Razor was celebrated by winning ‘Best Razor’ at the Beauty Shortlist Awards in London.  Bolin Webb became a member of CoolBrands 2014/15, and was awarded the ‘Best New Product’ accolade at the New York NYNow gift fair in 2015.