To Shave Before or After Shower

On occasions, Bolin Webb is asked about shaving and showers.  What is the right approach? We will try to share a few insights here.

The key way to enhance your shave is to wet and soften your stubble or beard properly, preferably with warm water, so the blade can glide more easily across your face.  Shaving dry skin will feel very uncomfortable, so this should always be avoided. 

Shave in shower

Softening your beard in a basin of warm water or under the tap is the typical approach, and it’s the picture you always see when a man is shown to shave in advertisements, on social media and so on.  It’s a perfectly sensible way of shaving.

So let’s talk about some different approaches.  Taking a shower before you shave surely softens the hair thoroughly, as long as you switch from shower to shave straight away.  A delay will allow your hair to harden, which defeats the object of the exercise.

Shave after or before a shower

Separately, we know of some men who prefer to shave in the shower.  This might be convenient and time-saving.  Yet you are unlikely to have a clear mirror to hand, which is likely to cause direction difficulties and increase risk as you manoeuvre the razor across your face.  Using your free hand to guide your razor can help in this situation.  We don’t think this is the best approach for a precision shave.

Shaving before a shower ensures you rinse your face thoroughly after your shave.  There is then no residue risk after you complete your ablutions and leave the bathroom, all ready for the day, only to be told there is still some cream under your nose.  Again, thorough beard softening before the shave is essential.

Our advice is to try all methods until you find the one most comfortable for you. That is if you want to make a change. And we always recommend you use a Bolin Webb razor with a sharp Gillette blade.