Whatever happened to aftershave?

Recent years have seen an incredible growth in the number of grooming products for men, a world of skincare formerly of interest mainly to women.  Beyond a conventional shave cream or soap, men can now choose between oils, balms, serums, gels and so on.  The list is almost endless.

Lying undisturbed, despite this time of great change in male grooming, we still find on sale distinctive aftershaves, sometimes called cologne, from well-known brands to more exclusive fragrance houses - a collection of indulgent alcohol-based formulations to enjoy and to entice.

An aftershave is indeed a special way to complete your wet-shave.  Once you have dried your face, apply a dash of your favourite fragrance to cool your skin, close pores and leave a refreshing perfume about you.  An aftershave may also include antiseptic and moisturising properties, helping to protect your skin if needs be. 

Not least, an aftershave perfume goes some way to shaping your identity, and how people around you perceive you as an individual. So it makes sense to choose your aftershave carefully.  Do you like it?  But also, do those close to you like it too?  Don’t be scared to ask.

Here are two of our favourite fragrances:

Dopo Barba Tuscan Tobacco by Profumo s. Maria Novella

An Italian classic from Florence. Sophisticated and spicy.

Dopo Barba Tuscan Tobacco by Profumo s. Maria Novella Mens Aftershave

No 89 by Floris of London

A moisturising aftershave from the long-established perfumer of Jermyn Street.

No 89 by Floris of London