Gifting A Bolin Webb Men's Razor

Bolin Webb razors are often purchased as a gift. Be it an anniversary, a 21st birthday or Christmas, a Bolin Webb razor is a distinctive gift for a modern gentleman. Our connection to gifting has been strengthened by recent appearances in gift guides for the likes of Harrods and GQ. To ensure you find the right razor we have addressed the key points to consider when purchasing a mens grooming gift.

Choosing the Right Blade

Choosing the right Bolin Webb Razor as a gift. Selection of R1 and X1 Gillette Razors.

It is important to consider the personal blade preference of the recipient when buying a Bolin Webb razor as a gift. If the recipient is set in their ways on blade choice, make sure to purchase a razor handle that can hold their blade.

Bolin Webb razors are designed exclusively for Gillette blades. All R1 razors are fitted with a Gillette Mach3 Blade, whereas all X1 razors are fitted with a Gillette Fusion 5 blades - this includes the prestige range. All razors are delivered with one cartridge blade attached; you can purchase an additional blade in the accessories section of the website.

While both the R1 and X1 will provide a performance shave, if the recipient is not wedded to a particular choice of blade, there are slight difference in shave feel that could influence your gift choice. The Gillette Mach3 is best for men with sensitive skin. Whereas the X1 razor will provide a closer, long-lasting shave. Read more about blade comparisons.

The Right Colour and Finish

The primary range of R1 and X1 razors are finished with automotive paints that give the razor the glistening, bold finish you would expect to find on a performance sportscar. Our award winning X1 Matte’s have a more muted finish that has proved to be incredibly popular since their launch in 2019. The dramatic soft touch finish is a subtle statement in design excellence. At the other end of the spectrum, our range of R1 Metallics are designed to draw attention. The metallics have a brighter aesthetic and come in a vibrant colour range.

A Gift Set or an Individual Razor

A Bolin Webb razor shines brightest when partnered with a stand. The way the razor is elevated in its stand on the bathroom side, adds an element of theatre. When purchasing a mens grooming gift, a full set is always the most attractive option; this is in part why our top selling products are always sets. There is also a functionality side to purchasing a set over an individual razor. Both the stand and the travel case help to prevent contact with hard surfaces that can damage the handle and blunt the blades.

Add A Personalised Message

All deliveries from Bolin Webb can include a printed gift message to add a personal touch. Add your message to the order during the checkout process.

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