2007: The story begins

While on a ski trip in Verbier, founder Derrick Webb conceives the idea of bringing product design excellence to shaving. Derrick’s background in manufacturing led him to begin changing this shell of an idea into a functional product.

2009: Achieving design excellence.

Derrick enlists the help of skilled draftsman, Stuart Cole from the PDR design centre. Together they sketched out the original R1. A contemporary handle that managed to bring design excellence to the mundane razor market. The razor was designed to hold the Gillette Mach 3 blade, a widely adopted precision cartridge razor.

2010: Made in England

Following a process of foam modelling and 3D printing a prototype of the R1 Razor was ready to be moved into production. Bolin Webb partnered with a Wolverhampton based manufacturer to work on creating the top panels as well as a Birmingham based automotive paint specialist to provide the renowned performance finish.

2011: Launch

Bolin Webb launched at London’s Pulse Trade Show in May 2011. The event was a resounding success, with the brand picking up its first major retail partner, Harrods.

2012: Extending the range

Compatible with the popular Gillette Fusion blade the launch of the X1 Razor enabled Bolin Webb to meet the changing needs of the modern gentlemen. The X1 stand remains one of the brand’s greatest design feats. The integration of a small magnet into the base of the handle and stand creates a gravity defying quality that remains utterly unique.

2013: The Razor Case

An obvious progression for Bolin Webb, the razor case was the next step in providing a seamless shaving experience. The subtle silicone case effectively protects the razor from scratches, while remaining aligned with Bolin Webb’s core competency of design excellence.

2014: A Year of Design Awards

Bolin Webb collects a flurry of design and brand awards in London, Birmingham, Munich and Chicago.

2015: China

Following a chance meeting at a trade show, Bolin Webb formed a lasting partnership with premium Chinese retailer Drive Pro. The two brands share an appreciation for quality product design and together have gone on to launch a series of successful projects throughout China.

2017: Best-of-the-best

Bolin Webb Razor Case

Bolin Webb wins the Red Dot “Best-of-the-Best” design award for the razor case in Germany. 

2019: Best Razor 2020

A landmark moment for Bolin Webb. The new X1 Matte range wins GQ Grooming’s Best Razor 2020.

2021: Mr Slowboy

The opportunity for design collaboration had always been on the cards for Bolin Webb. In the latter stages of 2020, Bolin Webb joined with London based Chinese artist Mr Slowboy to create 'The Man from Mayfair', emblazoned on a limited-edition R1 razor handle and stand set.

2022: Bolin Webb Silicone Washbag

Bolin Webb mens Washbag

Bolin Webb launches the Silicone Washbag. An essential companion with design excellence in mind. The silicone washbag brings an innovative combination of materials and product features to this travel accessory. The outer shell is entirely made from strong, versatile silicone: water repellent, easy to clean and hygienic.