Razor Accessories. 

All Bolin Webb razors are compatible with a razor stand and the razor travel case. The Bolin Webb men's grooming sets are the combination of a razor handle and either, or both, accessories. 

Bolin Webb Razor Travel Case

Inspired by the world of ocean diving, our silicone Razor Case is the ideal protection for your razor. Robust, functional and easy to clean, the case will protect blade and handle when travelling. The travel case is designed for both the R1 and X1 razors. The use of silicon allows the razor case remains flexible, bending slightly when in contact with items in a busy washbag. 

Bolin Webb Razor Stands

Bolin Webb’s award-winning Razor Stands are eye-catching and practical. The use of a stand ensures the razors are not in contact with any hard edges that could damage the handle or blunt the blade. The R1 razor stand is a sleek pebble design, where the R1 rests neatly on smooth satin black top. 

The X1 razor stand takes the concept one step further. While a similar style to the R1 stand, the X1 stand is built with an integrated magnet that when paired with an X1 handle gives the razor a gravity defining quality. All stands have an elastomer grip silicone base, to keep the stand planted on polished bathroom surfaces.

Bolin Webb Washbag 

Bolin Webb Washbag

An essential companion with design excellence in mind. The silicone washbag brings an innovative combination of materials and product features to this travel accessory. Designed for both weekends away and trips further afield, the bag comfortably holds your personal effects: from electric toothbrush, deodorant and shaving foam to your Bolin Webb razor and case of course.