How do I take care of my shaving razor? 

After shaving with a Bolin Webb razor, we recommend you rinse both blade and handle with warm water after every use, to remove any excess cream or foam and keep the blade clear. We also recommend you wash your razor handle occasionally to keep the paintwork looking lustrous. Both the razor handles and the Bolin Webb travel case can be washed with soap or detergent in warm water using a cloth or sponge.

When you are not using your razor, we always recommend you place your razor on a Bolin Webb stand. The stands are designed to allow water to run off the handle while keeping the blade elevated, reducing the risk of contact with hard surfaces that could blunt the blades.

When travelling, use a Bolin Webb Razor Travel Case to prevent the blade from catching on items in the washbag. An exposed blade can damage other washbag items and will likely lose its sharp edge more quickly if repeatedly knocked.