Award Winning Bolin Webb Celebrates A Decade of Design Excellence.

Multi-award-winning razor brand Bolin Webb are delighted to launch a limited-edition razor set to mark its 10-year anniversary.

The limited edition R1 razor set includes a timeless combination of a classic R1 edition razor and unique stand, with the razor handle finished in British Racing Green – an iconic, heritage colour from the world of motor racing and a source of much design inspiration for England’s contemporary shaving brand.

Celebrating a decade of design excellence, Bolin Webb, have changed the grooming industry by transforming the repetitive routine of shaving into a distinct pleasure for men.

Featuring performance razors and accessories built to use and enjoy, its innovative razor designs are the brainchild of founder Derrick Webb; “My ambition a decade ago was to design a shaving razor that was comfortable to use, appealing to the eye and colourful. I envisioned a handle that was curved, balanced and had energy. The R1 was the result – distinctive and different.”

Made in England, Bolin Webb first launched its innovative R1 razor in London in May 2011. The new grooming brand brought to the world a unique selection of colourful grooming tools that were design-led for handling and performance, capturing the same bold colours and evocative emotion that are ever present in automotive design.  The R1 razor continued its journey over the next ten years with the razor and the Bolin Webb brand becoming serial award winners, taking accolades from the prestigious Red Dot award in Germany to GQ Best Razor 2020, to name but two.

Well-conceived, the R1 razor quickly established itself as a sought-after grooming tool, stocked in some of the of the best luxury stores in the UK and internationally including Harrods and Fortnum & Mason.

The special edition R1 British Racing Green Razor and Stand Set is available online at Razors are fitted with a Gillette Mach3 blade for an excellent shaving performance and the set is beautifully presented with a 2-year guarantee.