Bolin Webb: Inspired Design

Bolin Webb: Inspired Design

Inspired design Razors. An eye for detail and access to excellent manufacturing partners in the UK mean we create some of the most exciting, enjoyable and unique razors in the world of shaving but where does this inspiration come from?

Shaving is an everyman routine, like it or not. Some may shave daily. Others put blade to face less regularly. Whatever the pattern, the distinctive and colourful razors remind us that we can enjoy as well as apply a tool that we pick up and use more often than we care to count.

Originally, sports cars were a main design cue for Bolin Webb. Early stage mood boards, with carefully selected images emphasised shape, colour, excitement and emotion. These were prompts only: the design process was not about replicating an exact shape, but about ultimately finding a form that worked in terms of the balance, curve and the “energy” it projects.

Colour is important. Bolin Webb took time to select and trial different colours for their razors, choosing the same supercar paints that were distinctive, striking and that captured a spirit and aspirational appeal. Bolin Webb took colour cues from luxury automotive brands from across the world, adapting these to the array of handles that now make up the R1 and X1 Collections.

The right material choice makes a difference across many dimensions: form, weight, colour, durability, grip, hygiene and cost of production. Bolin Webb uses materials that are fit-for-purpose and tactile, bringing distinct manufacturing processes together in different ways – for example by applying automotive paint to razor handles, or using silicone for their award-winning razor case.

Watch out for new R1 colours launching in 2018!