Celebrating Chinese New Year

What does Chinese New Year mean to you

The 2018 Chinese New Year horoscope is the Year of the Dog. Dogs are the 11th sign in the zodiac. This year’s celebration begins on 16th February.

As the most important day of the Chinese Calendar and to understand more about the festival, we asked some of our friends in UK and China what Chinese New Year meant to them…

‘Chinese New Year is the start of the lunar calendar year, people all go home to celebrate the most important family events of the year, also it’s the time people enjoy the harvest of one year’s hard work. For kids, they receive red envelopes with money from elders, and parents get to see children who spend their time working away for the year.’ – Jin Shu

‘As Chinese, it is the most important and family-focused celebration of the year. It’s a time to bring family together and honor deities as well as ancestors. Chinese New Year is everything about family – unity, reunion, love and happiness.’

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