Buyers Guide: Gillette Mach3 vs Fusion5 Razors

Buyers Guide: Gillette Mach3 vs Fusion5 Razors

A common question we receive from customers is – “Which cartridge blade is best? The Gillette Mach3 fitted to our R1 razor or the Fusion5 fitted to our X1 and Generation razors?”

This isn’t a simple question to answer. Everyone has a different beard, a different skin and different expectations from their shave. So, we can share some guidance that can make the choice of blade easier for you.

Which Gillette razor offers the closest shave?

Both Mach3 and Fusion5 blades offer a high-performance shave. Both feature precision sharpened and coated blades. Both are fitted with a Microfin skinguard that gently stretches your skin to reduce the risk of cuts and nicks. The Fusion5 blades also include a guard bar that smoothens your skin before the blade. Additionally, Fusion5 comes with MicroComb technology which helps to channel hair to the blades, holding them upright to ensure a clean pass first time. Fusion5 blades are engineered to shorten stubble first, then cut still closer to provide a smooth finish in just one stroke.

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Which razor is best for sensitive skin?

All Gillette Mach3 and Fusion5 blades feature anti-friction blade technology – reducing the risk of discomfort during your shave.

Online reviews suggest that fewer blades in contact with the skin can reduce the risk of skin irritation. As such, the Bolin Webb R1, with the three-blade Mach3 cartridge, can provide a gentler shave than the Bolin Webb X1 or Generation, with the five-blade Fusion5 cartridge.

When dealing with any skin, the number of blades is only one of many factors that can have an impact on the quality of your shave. For instance, a sharp blade perhaps makes the biggest difference (Gillette recommends replacing your blade cartridge every 10-15 shaves).

Also, preparing your beard correctly, for example softening the stubble or beard shadow on your face before your shave, will have big impact on your share in terms of performance and comfort.

Which is the most economical cartridge razor?

All Bolin Webb razors come fitted with either a Gillette Mach3 or Fusion5 blade. Replacement blades can be widely found in supermarkets, pharmacies or online.

The more complex the blade, the more it tends to cost. The Fusion5 blade, with its additional features, can cost 30-40% more than a Mach3 blade. Look out for multipack replacement blade offers that cut down the cost of replacement blades.

There are several five-blade Fusion5 variations available in-store and online that can fit the Bolin Webb X1 razor. Bolin Webb fits its X1 and Generation razors with Fusion5 ProGlide blades, with their enhanced lubrication strip for a smoother shave.

To conclude, from our own use and the feedback given by our customers, we feel confident to recommend both blades in terms of performance and value for money. Gillette’s advance coating technology and exceptional engineering helps keep blades sharper for longer.

Why Bolin Webb use Gillette Blades

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We often get asked why we don’t make our own blades, the answer is simple, we want to offer our customers the best possible experience.

When a brand such as Gillette is already used by millions of customers across the globe, is readily available in over 200 countries and has invested over $1bn to date in research and development of their cartridges – we felt it would be like shaving against the grain to top the ease of access and quality of shave provided by Gillette. We are a brand led by quality and great design and we feel that Gillette is the perfect partner for our award-winning razor handles.

About Bolin Webb Razors

Please take your time to browse our multi-award winning razor collections. Designed and built in Britain our design-led razor handles and accessories are crafted to bring pleasure to your grooming routine. Our automotive inspired razors handles are cast from zinc alloy then hand finished in a number of supercar standard paint finishes.

Further information

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Enjoy the shave!