Award Winning Design

best razor for menBolin Webb has received numerous design and trade awards including Germany’s iF Design Award for the X1 razor and magnetic stand, and most recently the highest possible distinction in Germany’s product awards: ‘The Red Dot: Best of the Best’ for our contribution to extraordinary, innovative design.

Razors Cast in England

All our luxury razors are cast from a zinc alloy in Birmingham, England. The alloy ingot is melted down before being injected into one of our moulds. Once cooled, any imperfections are removed, any razor that fails inspection is returned to the melt for recycling.

Primed and Painted to an Automotive Finish

best razor for menBolin Webb best mens razors take inspiration from classic or modern supercars.  Cast razors are primed, and then hand sprayed with premium automotive paints before a durable lacquer is applied. The lacquer protects the underlying paintwork and gives the razors their premium finish.

Inspected and Polished by Hand

luxury razorsOnce dried, each razor is buffed and polished by hand. The razors are also checked for any imperfections in the paintwork. This ensures only razors finished to perfection make it through to the consumer.

Fitted With Gillette Blades

best mens razor awardAll our razors come supplied with a Gillette blade. Readily available and offering a high-performance shave, Gillette uses low cutting force blades, which means less effort, tug and pull for a more enjoyable shave.