How does the lubrication strip work?

Razor blade cartridges are often remembered for the number of blades they have - two, three, five, maybe more.  For example, the Mach3 blade on the Bolin Webb R1 razor has three cutting edges, while the Fusion ProGlide blade on the Bolin Webb X1 and Generation razors has five cutting edges.

But the technology doesn't stop with the steel.  Blade manufacturers, and in our case Gillette, are also keen to distinguish their product with systems that make the shave more comfortable for the user.  So let's take a look at what Gillette says.

GILLETTE FUSION PROGLIDE for the X1 and Generation razors

Behind the soft, flexible microfins of the ProGlide cartridge, a unique microcomb helps to gently guide hairs towards the blades. The microfins stretch the skin in front of the blades to create an even surface, while the microcomb positions the hairs for optimal cutting.

The ProGlide PROBLADESTM are enhanced by Gillette's iconic cushioning Lubrastrip. This thin, orange, pre-lubricated strip is activated when wet, slowly releasing its ingredients onto the skin for a smooth glide. The Lubrastrip also fades with use from orange to white, indicating when it's time to switch blades.

GILLETTE MACH3 for the R1 razor

Each Mach3 cartridge also comes with Gillette's iconic Lubrastrip, a thin strip of high quality pre-lubricated material that releases its ingredients when wet. The Lubrastrip lubricates the skin, allowing for a slick glide over surfaces for extra comfort. The cartridge is also enhanced with Gillette's intricate microfin technology to stretch and even out the skin's surface ahead of the blades.