Making of the Wash Bag

Making of the Wash Bag

This summer, Bolin Webb launched its new Wash Bag designed in collaboration with leading British leather designer Bill Amberg. The bag was conceived and developed at the Bill Amberg Studio in London in close collaboration with Bolin Webb founders Marina and Derrick. Here we look at the development process from conception to final product.

The Creative Process – Sketches

The process starts with a close look at the bag’s intended use. Size and material choice were all central parts of the initial brief. Comparisons with other wash bags showed that new thinking would bring new ideas in terms of shape, access and design detail.

The first meeting between Bill and his team, together with Marina and Derrick, involved presenting a variety of ideas and principles in the form of pencil sketches. These helped to develop the basis for the next stage which started to bring detail to the design.

Developing the Design – Renders

The bag needed to adhere to three key requirements: practical, durable and functional. During the second meeting, a selection of detailed design drawings known as renders were produced, which brought the final concept together to give a distinctive character with features the traveller can use and enjoy. Once renders were complete then sample production began.

The Making – Production

During the first production stage, the designers and craftsman create prototypes. Only two prototypes were made before the bag was considered complete. But often this process involves repeatedly remaking several more prototypes until everyone is confident and happy with the result. The Bolin Webb process ran smoothly and swiftly, a sign of the clear vision shared by Bill Amberg and Bolin Webb founders Marina and Derrick.

The Making – Material Selection

Bolin Webb were looking for a marriage of materials – leather and technical fabrics. The leather is a polished calf skin, which is visually appealing, tactile, and waterproofed. The nylon sidewall gusset is robust and gives strength, while the close-cell neoprene lining is just like a wetsuit – easy to clean and suitably water resistant. The open-top design provides easy access to the bag’s contents, while being versatile and easy to keep clean.

Off we go…

These bags are clearly intended to be functional and practical. But they are also meant to be enjoyed by their owners. Travelling is a compact experience, and you should be able to appreciate what you choose to take with you on your journey. We believe our wash bag adds a little extra to the pleasure as well as the success of your trip. Bon voyage!

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