Three steps to a winter shave

Three steps to a winter shave

Three steps to a comfortable winter shave

Using an award-winning Bolin Webb razor this winter will make you feel different about your usual wet shaving routine. We think carefully about ergonomics, materials and finish to offer you a range of luxurious razor products that look and feel outstanding. Tactile handles, unique curves and a distinctive shape give gentleman a product that turns an everyday shaving experience into an exceptional one.

Go one step further. Bolin Webb has created a rich brushless shave cream to give a close and comfortable shave – performance and protection this winter. Bolin Webb shave cream leaves the skin smooth and hydrated, Vitamin E and pro-vitamin B condition and protect the skin while essential oils, camomile and aloe vera gel help reduce irritation, inflammation and help restore the skin.

And finally. To build the next level of protection for your skin this winter, include Bolin Webb’s nourishing face balm in your grooming routine. Our balm is formulated to moisturise, refresh and hydrate the skin after shaving. Organic cactus extracts and antioxidant-rich hops help to restore and protect the skin, while essential oils and shea butter smooth and moisturise constantly.

Enjoy the Winter. Enjoy the Shave.