Shaving Tips For Sensitive Skin

Shaving Tips For Sensitive Skin

Does your face ever feel tender or dry after shaving? Does your morning shave leave you red in the face or with nicks and cuts? You’re not alone, according to Gillette, more than 2 out of 3 men suffer from shaving related skin irritation, which includes razor burn, stinging, redness or even razor bumps. With the right grooming routine and the right tools for the job you can help avoid any shaving disasters.


Even if you don’t suffer from sensitive skin it’s important to prepare your face before every shave. Take your time to soften any stubble; shaving after a shower or washing your face with warm water is ideal as it cleanses the area and softens any facial hair – making it easier for your blade to pass through. Avoid the water being too hot as this can strip the skin of its natural oils.


Go with the flow, by shaving with the grain you will avoid tugging at your follicles and in turn will reduce any redness. If you’re looking for a closer shave then follow-up by going across the grain. If you suffer from any skin issues then it is advised to avoid cutting too closely – instead, Gillette Fusion blade cartridges include a rear detail blade, ideal for those hard to reach areas. We recommend using a good quality shave oil or shave cream that allows the blade to pass over the skin with ease, massage it into the skin by hand or use a shave brush.

The Tools

Gillette offer a range of Mach3 (compatible with R1 razors) and Fusion (compatible with X1 razors) blades which are ideal for sensitive skin. Both the Mach3 and Fusion blade cartridges are optimised to reduce bulging between blades and reduce nicks to the skin.

To tackle the issue of sensitive skin, Gillette have now developed a blade cartridge certified by the British Skin Foundation and is clinically proven for sensitive skin. The Gillette SkinGuard Sensitive blade cartridge consists of two low cutting force blades with Gillette’s SkinGuard between them to smooth the skin and minimise the pressure applied to the blades. The cartridge also lubricates before and after the blade to shield from irritation during the shave. The Gillette SkinGuard Sensitive blade is compatible with all Bolin Webb X1 Razors. For further information please read our full article “Gillette Launches New Sensitive Blade“.


It’s important to refresh the skin after a shave. Wash away any remaining product from your face with warm water and apply an alcohol-free hydrating face balm or oil.

Further information

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Why Bolin Webb use Gillette Blades

We often get asked why we don’t make our own blades, the answer is simple, we want to offer our customers the best possible experience. When a brand such as Gillette is already used by millions of customers across the globe, is readily available in over 200 countries and has invested over $1bn to date in research and development of their cartridges – we felt it would be like shaving against the grain to top the ease of access and quality of shave provided by Gillette. We are a brand led by quality and great design and we feel that Gillette is the perfect partner for our award-winning razor handles.

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