The Man From Mayfair

At Bolin Webb, we are delighted to announce the imminent launch of the Mr Slowboy razor. As the beautiful design of an exciting new partner, this limited-edition razor may be our most striking model yet.

Mr Slowboy is a London-based Chinese artist with a difference. His distinctive illustrated characters are widely admired for their style, humour and ability to project the London aesthetic, by wearing a mix of traditional and contemporary attire and accessories.

Bolin Webb is delighted to have engaged Mr Slowboy to create a unique personality for razors in our popular R1 range. Our man has a strong sense of style and a “twinkle in his eye”. He is well-dressed, dapper and, of course, clean shaven!

“As a fashion illustrator, my inspiration comes from my everyday life and the people around me,” Mr Slowboy tells Bolin Webb. His most reliable source is the passers-by on the streets of London – a place of authentic, well and interestingly dressed people. He says: “much as their nationalities or ethnicities and background are diverse, their tastes, senses and creativeness are equally impeccable.”

The character designed for the Bolin Webb R1 razor was inspired by a young gentleman in a navy pinstripe suit in Mayfair. His look, confidence, and style define him as a quintessentially modern Londoner – a mixture of heritage and contemporary fashion, a message well suited to Bolin Webb.

To highlight the exclusive nature of this collaboration between artist and brand, Bolin Webb is to limit the production run to 1000 pieces. Each razor set will be numbered and every shaver with a Mr Slowboy razor will be identifiable by the number on its enclosed signature card.

The Mr Slowboy gift set includes a razor and a black stand, so it can be admired as well as used for your shave. The razor and stand are presented in a prestigious wooden box, exhibiting further artwork from Mr Slowboy. Our thanks go to the artist.

The Mr Slowboy R1 Razor set is available in store at a select number of retailers worldwide. In the UK the limited edition set will be stocked exclusively in Fortnum and Mason’s Piccadilly store.

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