The Video - Behind The Scenes

In the Summer of 2021, we launched a new Bolin Webb video campaign. Filmed in London, the video would lead viewers through the morning routine of a modern gentleman. Click here to view the video on Instagram.

The Objective  

As the world of retail continues to migrate online, there is a heightened demand for visual media. As a progressive and innovative brand, we strive to adapt to the times. A new video would enable us to connect with people internationally. In 30 seconds, we wanted to capture our vision of a Bolin Webb gentleman. Encompassing his shaving routine, style and way of life.

The Bolin Webb Shave 

To epitomise the Bolin Webb shaving experience, we settled on using the X1 Matte Blue razor to play the lead role. It’s award winning, contemporary design has proven to attract a broad audience. A result of the razors balance of subtly, style and sophistication.

There was no pre-rehearsed neatening or multi take trickery, the clips in the final video are simply the model shaving with the X1 razor. We wanted to exhibit the handles ergonomic design and prove the performance of a Gillette® Fusion5® blade.

The Location

Bolin Webb has always had a close association to London. The city is internationally renowned as a centre for fashion and impeccable design, thus, the obvious place to locate our Bolin Webb gentleman. The stylish apartment setting is one of the new Battersea Power Station developments. Built in this iconic London landmark, the apartment had excellent views across the Thames and city skyline.

The Attire

We approached a collection of renowned British men’s brands to assist in building the aesthetic of our modern Gentleman. The suit, a fine Lovat Cotton Drill Jacket and Trousers, was provided by Drake’s. The shirt, a classic Turnbull & Asser light blue End on End Shirt, was partnered with a pair of Alice Made This Oliver Steel Cufflinks. Finally, the shoes, a distinctive pair of Edward Green Piccadilly Penny Loafers, brought together an ensemble reflecting the sleek and sophisticated style of Bolin Webb.