The Gentleman of Today

The term “gentleman” goes back many generations, and has been interpreted in many different ways through the ages.  In today’s faster and more open world, not all appreciate the core qualities of a “gentle” man can indeed be of as much value now as they have been in the past.

To be polite and considerate are perhaps the leading qualities of any gentlemen –clear and visible characteristics to all in any encounter from morning to night.  It’s not a part time act.  A true gentlemen cannot let down his guard.  These qualities have never changed.

But beyond the need to be polite, a gentleman’s behaviour and appearance become harder to define.  Should he open the door for others? Should he be able to cook? Does he have a firm handshake and look you in the eye?  Not everyone can agree.

But one thing is true.  A gentleman should always be well presented in public, both in his dress code and in his appearance, whether in expensive or more modest attire.  And this is where a properly considered grooming routine comes into play.

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Be he clean-shaven or bearded, the gentleman should be seen to take care of how he looks.  Any look or style will need attention, so a good razor is an essential tool to keep him well-trimmed, whether he is entertaining at home or out-and-about.

So, as a gentleman in the modern age, don’t let yourself slip. Keep your grooming routine in place, remembering to shave, or keeping your stubble or beard under control.  You will be noticed.