What Is The Clean-Shaven Movement?

With millions of men set to emerge from lockdown sporting scraggly facial hair, and the very practical benefits of fuzz-free features in the ongoing Covid climate, the clean shave movement is gathering pace and is the look for 2021.

That Pandemic Beard Has To Go

With millions of us having spent months working from home, our social lives put on hold, the need to get dressed on a daily basis has become a forgotten routine, never mind any requirement to shave every morning.

Even Zoom calls to the workplace don’t require much presentation preparation. A slightly squiffy broadcast, from a below-par broadband connection, hides a multitude of style omissions.

A scruffy beard can easily be hidden during a trip for essentials too. Affix the strings of a facemask to either ear and half of our faces - including the furry sections - are instantly hidden from everyone we encounter.

But faced with a return to society, take a second to check the mirror - what on earth is that wispy growth upon your chin? Is the world really ready for your post-pandemic beard?

Perhaps Covid Doesn’t Respect Beards Either

This is what NHS England said to its staff last year:

“Beards, stubble and facial hair cause a common problem when using PPE face masks, as this can prevent the mask being able to seal to the face and passing the fit test.”

Of course, that was probably overhyped and plenty of us grow beards for religious and cultural reasons, which everyone respects.

But beards do harbour germs and they are really close to the nose and mouth, favoured entranceways for bugs and nasties. And folks with facial hair do have a tendency to touch their faces more than the clean-shaven variety which we're repeatedly told not to do to reduce the risk infection from Covid-19.

Relive That Clean Shave Moment

All of this means the classic clean shave is back. Perhaps it’s even a relief after the hipster movement of a few years back had everyone emulating their dad’s finest style moments from the 70s.

Peak beard has passed. It is time to take a step back from the mirror and embrace that glorious clean, fresh-faced feel once more.

The days of hacking at hairs with a disposable razor found in a pack of six on the bargain bottom shelf at your local pharmacy are long gone.

You need to take a little time and care to avoid your freshly shaved face becoming red raw before giving way to days of itching.

Clip it down first to a stubble, then arm yourself with a high-quality wet razor.

GQ’s “razor of the year” from Bolin Webb really is the pinnacle of shaves. Compatible with the best blades that Gillette has to offer, this is the optimal economical way to enjoy a clean shave moment every morning.