Why Wet Shave When It Takes Longer?

Is a wet or dry shave better? In our modern, fast-paced world, some men choose dry – they go for an electric shaver or beard trimmer instead of opting for a traditional wet shave. The thinking is – why wet shave at all when you can get the job done in a fraction of the time with a simple bit of tech? Well, there are, in fact, many advantages to wet shaving that men often don’t consider. In this blog, we break down the top benefits of wet shaving.

Wet Shave Or Electric Shaver – Which One Cuts Closer?

If you want a close shave, there’s really no contest here. When you go for a traditional wet shave, the end product is smoother, more comfortable and more complete than an electric razor can give. The blades let you get so much closer to your skin, which means a better finish overall.

Wet Shaving Lets You Go Longer Between Shaves

Since you’re getting closer to the skin with a wet shave, you’re actually cutting the hairs down to a shorter length. This means you can go longer between shaves without getting that five o’clock shadow or unwanted scruffy stubble.

Fewer Razor Bumps And In-Grown Hairs

This is one of the best advantages to wet shaving – you get fewer itchy razor bumps and unsightly in-grown hairs, swelling and inflammation. This is because wet shaving gives you much more control over your shave. You can work with the grain, making exact adjustments around tricky areas, such as the corner of the jaw and under the chin. In so doing, you work in harmony with your facial hair, not against it, resulting in less of the abrasion and drag that leads to bumps and in-grown hairs. Electric shavers simply don’t allow this level of control.

It's Cleaner

Simply put, wet shaving involves washing your face clean, as well as your razor, and the water helps to rinse off any residue that would otherwise have been left behind, making wet shaving the much cleaner option.

What Gives The More Enjoyable Experience?

Finally, which is actually more enjoyable? Wet shaving is a world apart, here. It gives you a bit of “me time” – a moment of calm in a hectic lifestyle. It’s not just running an electric tool briskly over your face before dashing out the door - it’s taking the time to look after yourself and present your best side to the world. And if you want a really enjoyable shaving experience, a Bolin Webb razor is the best you can get.