Mens Shaving Guide: How often should I shave?

Shall I shave or not?  It’s one of those questions that probably lies low on the list of key decisions in your day.  As men, we are largely influenced by habit, so our grooming routine can often go without change for many days in a row.  Others might like a bit more variety.

If a regular wet-shaver, then you might put razor to face as much as every morning of the year.  It makes you feel ready for your day, sporting a clean shave as you clear your bathroom in top condition.  There is no debate in your mind. No change contemplated. You just do it.

Not all are such. Many of us alter our shave routine from day-to-day, or indeed shave infrequently.  When it comes to the question “shall I shave?”, we reflect if today is the day or do we put it off.  Different reasons come to mind as we reach a final decision – do we look the way we want to?  Do we have the time?  Can we give it a miss?  And so on.

Man shaving his beard with a Bolin Webb Razor

The nature of your beard will have a large impact on your shaving routine.  If you are dark-haired and have fast-growing stubble you may well want to, or indeed need to, shave more regularly than your fair-skinned friend. For men with dark facial hair, maintaining a clean-shaven look would require shaving every one to two days. Whereas for men with lighter facial hair it could be three days before the stubble creates an obvious shadow. Be reminded that regular shaving will also mean you are likely to need to change your blade more often.

Irregular shaving can lead to a thicker and stronger beard growth which needs to be removed when you do finally decide to lather-up.  This can mean tool performance – namely the handle and its blade – is more critical.  A good grip and a sharp edge will give a closer, more even and more comfortable shaving experience.

Man applying shaving cream to his face. Bolin Webb wet shaving guide

Perhaps the most important point is to shave when you want to be at your best – be it a full facial or simply a trim.  Our facial appearance is generally our most important, and a freshly groomed look – whatever that might be – helps to give us the confidence during the course of the day.