Men’s Gift Ideas: Why a Shaving Gift Set Makes Sense

Choosing a gift for a man can be a tricky task. Men are so often set in their ways, reluctant to change their chosen brands or products of the past. When gifting, you run the risk of either not matching their specific preferences or repeating the same cycle year-on-year.

A premium shaving set, however, is a gift that can make the difference. It meets the need for something functional while also standing out as desirable and unique present.

Bolin Webb Mens Razor sets

The essential component of any shaving kit is naturally the razor.  The handle you choose and the blade it holds is best when suited to the shaver’s preference.  But you may also consider what they are likely do with the razor when finished their shave.  The toothbrush holder or a bathroom shelf are not really the best places to use.

Bolin Webb recommends that our customers choose accessories that are designed to protect or display the razor in a practical way, either as a traveller or someone who leaves their shaving kit at home.

Take the traveller.  His wash bag can be a confusing collection of skincare products, shaving tools and all manner of odds-and-ends.  It’s far from the best place for an exposed razor.  That’s why we  suggest a razor case to protect both handle and blade.  We like to mention too that our very own case is made of silicone, a flexible and water-resistent material perfectly suited to its task. So both our R1 and X1 razors are available as a two-piece shaving set with an accompanying razor travel case.  

When at home, the razor is better placed on a stand than in a drawer or resting loosely on a shelf.  The main purpose of the stand is to keep the razor away from surfaces that might damage the blade. Both R1 and X1 razors also come as two-piece sets with accompanying stand. Our razor and stand range also include the prestigious Gold, Chrome and Carbon Fibre Sets.

When considering a shaving set as a distinctive gift for someone it makes sense to select the shaving kit suited to theirs needs, rather than buy the razor on its own. Would they have greater need for a stand or a travel case? Or would a full triple set be the best to cover all options?

To ensure a quality experience right from the start, all Bolin Webb razor sets are presented in a premium gift box and can be sent with a personalised gift message.

So, in conclusion a shaving gift set makes sense because it is both unexpected and useful. All you need to decide is which colour Bolin Webb razor they would like best.